The Convulsion

The thieves and liars who have left our nations bankrupt have already got away with their crimes!

Our media have ensured that, instead we hear irrelevant dung being said about actors and actresses, we hear stupid cliches mouthed about how awful it is that Prince Harry said the word ‘Paki’, OMG!

We are fed emotional tripe about the ‘Palestinians’ and all the ‘war crimes’ going on there.

We are ensured by these same people that the recession is just that, a recession, not the end of the financial system as we know it.

The more I read and study about this crisis, the more I’m convinced that this is truly exceptional. I know I’ve been banging on about this since I have started this web log, but this is the ‘big story’ of 2008 and will be the big story of this decade, no this century. The world is changing and changing completely, the everyday blah blah of politics and show biz news will thankfully be a thing of the past in the not too distant future, the ‘War on Terror’ is over, this idiotic campaign instigated by greedy and feckless politicians and their allies in big business as a way to go to war, when there is no war to be had. It reminds me of the wars that Oceania would fight against East Asia and Eurasia in 1984, these wars did not have a goal in sight, there could not be a victory as that is not what the government wanted, they just wanted the powers that a modern state has in wartime. It is not even made clear if Oceania was even fighting a war at all or if it was just a way of maintaining control, this is where we are at now with this ridiculousGWoT, and what an irritating acronym!

But I digress, this GWoT is over, we cant afford it anymore, well not for much longer, the soldiers will be needed to quell the unrest back home in Europe and America, as when we end up penniless, we will be fighting people in the street for food. The ‘ethnic minorities’ will unleash their barely concealed hatred against us rampaging through the cities and suburbs murdering, robing and raping as they go, our governments will be powerless to prevent this tsunami of chaos, which will overtake us.

The armies and police will fracture and dissolve as soldiers and police will go home and attempt to protect their own families and homes, weapons will very quickly end up in many peoples hands, sold to them by soldiers off home, or looters andsavvy entrepreneurs, making the violence even more bloody.

Money will be worthless, tobacco, alcohol, food and weapons will be the currency of the day.

The criminals who brought this on will avoid this fate, as being the slimy lickspittles that they are, they will have homes in Switzerland and Monaco, although one would hope that will face their comeuppance at some point in the future.

The media, in effect an organ of the state, will not tell you how bad it is going to get, they are under instructions.

What we are facing is TEOTWAWKI, as Jim Rawles of Survivor Blog refers to it, the end of the world as we know it, I don’t think it is Judgement day, or the Rapture or anything like that, although it could be, but I do think that sin has consequences, and the sins of greed, lies, theft,deceit , lust, sloth, arrogance will ensure a retribution. This is the natural retribution we all face as a consequence of our sin, in the east they call it karma, science understands it as for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. What we now face are the results, the reaction, the karma of ourcivilisational sins, and oh, do we so richly deserve it.

What will happen then? That I can not say, I can only prognosticate the above as it is the consequence of the sins and folly that have happened and are continuing today. The chaos unleashed by presentfolly’s will continue, the results are unknowable for us mere mortals.

Those of us who hate the way this world is, can use the results of others sins for the good of many. The world will very soon be in flux, the political institutions, financial system, social mores, religion, all will be up for grabs, all will be ready for reformation or destruction, you can be one of those who makes the system that replaces the one we now have, the one that will soon be gone.

Being ready for that should be your goal. Societies often have convulsions, then they are remade, the time of convulsions have started, are you ready?

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