Who are we?

We are orphans, subjects of wicked men who claim they ‘care’ for us, we are lost, walking in the darkness, in the ruins of what was once a glorious civilisation. We are a people lost in our dreams, hoping one day, we can awake to a reality much like our dreams.

But our waking lives are a nightmare, we struggle to survive, despised by our rulers, loathed by the elite, who seek our dissolution, they sponsor a wave of human migration, the likes the world has never seen, they sponsor violence against us and ours.

We are told we are evil and wicked, we are mocked, or fathers are condemned as wicked, by those who rule us with a rod, a rod of fear, of threatened violence.

We are a people separated from our past, from our forefathers, from the glories of Europe before the great slaughter of the First World War, the suicide of the west.

We are peoples wandering, without roots, without hope, drenched in grief and mourning for this lost world. Most of us can’t explain why we feel this way, most find it difficult to express our loss, our grief.

We hear this grief in our music, we sense it all around us, but cant define it.

The world has been through many terrible griefs, we have seen many terrible things, we have toiled and bled, we have fought and many have died, many of those who have died, died in vain, but nothing can compare to the fratricide unleashed in 1914.

In those terrible years we were marked, like Cain, we are cursed.

We seek a saviour, a messiah, and all to many times we have sought solace in false Messiahs, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, De Gaulle, Thatcher, Blair and now Obama, at other times we have sought saviours in ‘democracy’, ‘human rights’ and in discarding our past, our faith and morality, what fools we are, what desperation we must feel.

And yet, we still have our dreams, as weak as they are, as demoralised as we are, there is still a spark of goodness there, a point of light, a hope.

This hope is not in politics, it is not in arguing with our enemies, it is not in letter writing or pointless protests, it is not in powerless ‘constitutional monarchies’, it is in our souls, in our spirits, our peoples, the men of the west.

We are weak, many of us still believe vainly in ‘democracy’, but if we can get past this, just a small minority can change things, how many men were involved in instigating the French Revolution? Or the Russian Revolution? Not many, a few thousand at most, they led, they seized power from weakened governments, they did not campaign for election, they took power, not that I like the Jacobins or Bolsheviks in any way, I despise them and their works. But we must take lessons from their exploits, if we are ever to be serious, we need to discard our antique and unthinking belief in ‘democracy’ or voting or trying to convince the majority, the majority will always just go along with the way things are, we must think the unthinkable!

We are a lost people, a rudderless sham of a civilisation, if we don’t do something serious soon, even that shadow of what we once were will be gone.

It’s time for a counterrevolution.

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