Right Wing Muslims?

I found an interesting piece on Gates of Vienna, they had a report on some vandalism of a war memorial in Burton, the Burton Mail quoted Dennis Fletcher, chairman of East Staffordshire Racial Equality Council, who said he suspected someone from the far right was responsible.

Quite handy those right wingers, aint they, when ever anyone needs a scapegoat, out are wheeled the ‘far right’, ok well what was written? They don’t say, but luckily for us, Kim at Uriasposten found one of those mysterious pictures.

Well, those nasty right wing BNP types, what have they been up to? Oh well unless those nasty BNP types have converted to the Mohammedan religion, I don’t think they would bother doing this? Do you? If they were caught, it would be a national disgrace, Griffin would be finished and the BNP would be trashed.

I like the Racial Equality fellow, what a moron! A Muslim could be cutting his throat in the middle of the street and he would be yelling ‘Stop BNP’, it makes one wonder what the hell these people do every day? Release multiple press releases about how wonderful and intelligent Africans are? Inform us of the great health benefits we would get through conversion to Islam? I wonder how much he is paid to prostitute himself like that?

It amazes me sometimes, are there any intelligent and sensible people outside the blogging guild who get what is going on?

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