On the Feast of St Stephen

St Stephen’s Day! The remains of the turkey lie in a heap on the large dish, chocolate wrappers lie in drift piles about the front room, the incessant glow of the television in the corner spews forth it’s inane propaganda, and we have entered the last week of 2009!

Time does fly! I remember and old neighbour of mine told me once that time gets faster as you get older, for some reason that stuck with me and it has proven correct!

It has been a year of relative peace, considering what happened in 2008, it has been a year of farce, with the Nobel Peace Prize being handed to a warmonger because he is black, the entire MSM seemed to be falling over themselves to write praise of their black prophet, and it has become absurd, but also creepy. The west seems to be passing an event horizon, into chaos, and the MSM bangs on about trifles, dead pop stars, talent competitions, sexual peccadilloes, the Obamasiah and the like. The crumbling financial situation is at best being ignored, if not outright being lied about, the ongoing bankrupcy, not only of the banks, but of our nations is not being discussed, except on a few blogs and online magazines. The great unwashed are bumbling into their futures, not realising that their futures have been sold into debt slavery by their political masters over the past forty years, they have no future, only bankrupcy and chaos, that will eventually dissolve into violence.

I have no idea what is going on with ‘our beloved leaders’, do ‘our leaders’ know what is happening and through terror at the thought of swinging from a hangman’s noose, try to avoid the inevitable day of reckoning? Do our leaders not realise the terrible financial judgement day that approaches? Are they morons? Are they cynics? Both?

It seems that the politicians are at least two years behind the rest of us, they now admit it is an unprecedented financial crisis that we have been through, they admit that cuts will have to be made to public spending and they seem to understand that they can’t tax us to death to reinvigorate their coffers. However, none of them understand, or has intimated that they understand the process of money as debt or the death spiral of a fiat currency, or of the problems of fractional reserve banking,  or of the inflationary doctrine of all governments and central banks, which is so damaging to us small people.

Although we have many millions of Europeans unemployed, we still have mighty rivers of immigration from Africa and Asia dumping millions of angry, hateful outsiders on our fair shores, they arrive here with an attitude and an outstreched hand making demands of us and then just to show that they appreciate our generosity, they intimidate our people, they build ugly and alien temples in our Christian lands and blare out an ugly noise to call their people to worship a false god. Their sons violate our women, terrify our children and turn our once beautiful cities into third world cess pits, full of the worst of their native lands.

I think we can now definitively know that ‘the economy’ has nothing to do with immigration, as there has been no slow down in the flood of invaders, oh yes our wonderful MSM will tell you lies and say immigrations IS going down, well there the rub is, they are deceiving you, the overall stats do show immigrants going home, but they are all Eastern Europeans, no statistically significant number of Africans or Muslims, or Chinese or Indians are leaving to go home, they remain, with their tribe of unruly children, living on our tax handouts, whilst our own people go homeless and hungry, being rejected for welfare payments whilst the outsider is living it up! That is a disgrace!

But to digress, this huge question has once again been buried by the MSM. They have proven once again, that they are not ‘dead’ as some would have it, only a few people, those who receive their news and views from online sources will have been aware of the ongoing racial and sectarian war of genocide that is ongoing in Europe. I don’t know if 2010 will see any significant change in this!

Well, it’s hard to know what will happen in 2010, but it does not look good, I think we will have an eventful year of crises, bankruptcies, currency runs, corruption exposed, massive cuts in spending, protests, war, riots and the like. I may be wrong, I thought 2009 would be like that and I suppose it has, but in a small way, I believe 2010 will be worse, and can’t see any possible way out! We can’t borrow anymore without causing a crisis, we can’t print money without stoking an already extant crisis, we can’t export our way out of crisis as everyone else is in crisis as well, we can’t cut spending without setting off the worst crisis of all, the native have-nots who have only been kept silent with a payoff, once the payoff ends, so will their silence!

So, in a cheery mood, I will bid you and 2009 adieu and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and the best in 2010.

2 thoughts on “On the Feast of St Stephen

  1. “…it has been a year of farce, with the Nobel Peace Prize being handed to a warmonger because he is black…”

    Well, he at least became black after going to college.

    By upbringing and partly by ancestry, he is America’s first “BLASP” president- Black Anglo-Saxon Protestant. This is, of course, a stark contrast to most of America’s presidents, who have been Anglo-Saxon Protestants of the White variety. Naturally, this remarkable accomplishment merits a Nobel Peace Price.

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