A Modern Tale

Whilst browsing over at a Thinking Housewife, I came across this mind blowing story, a tale of the modern world, a world where ‘Christians’ are no better, or even worse then those they hold in contempt as godless!

But like too few stories today, there is a happy ending!


When gazing upon your photo of Caroline Norton and her extraordinarily revealing facial expression, I could not help but share this tale with you, knowing that you will appreciate the fruit of Caroline Norton’s existence.

I recently had the misfortune of witnessing the following situation between Woman A. (I’ll call her Jane), and Woman B. (I’ll refer to her as Mary).

Jane, a four- or five- time divorcée (all while she was a self-professed “born-again” Christian, I might add) was “friends” with Mary, a cohabiting single mother with one infant daughter. Mary had been struggling horribly with the cohabiting father of her child, whom I shall call Paul, for more than three years and had come to the realization that the struggle was due to moral failure on her part for having a child out of wedlock with this man in the first place.

Mary subsequently called upon her “friend,” Woman C, whom I will call Sue. Sue’s infinitely wise counsel to Mary was that she leave him immediately – not because she was living in sin – but because she decided that Paul was abusive and she propagated this lie to Mary, convincing her that she should tell Paul that she was going to “take a breather” from the relationship over a weekend and stay with Sue in her house. Sue’s agenda, however, was to get Mary and her child away from Paul and cart Mary over to the local “women’s shelter” to be convinced that Paul was abusive and controlling, thereby justifying the destruction of the albeit ill-conceived family (but a family nonetheless).

While Mary was with Sue in her home over the weekend, her infant daughter became violently ill (probably from the effects of being away from her perfectly good father for the first time). Sue took advantage of the weakened situation in Mary and convinced her to permanently leave Paul and file legal restraining orders against him so he could not even see his infant child! There was no abuse, save a few coarse words and a few heated arguments over the course of the years. The women’s shelter “advocates” were all too happy to create some in Mary’s mind, however, and she did file restraining orders in her state of total deception.

Paul promptly, in desperation, violated the no-contact orders by attempting to contact Mary and see his daughter. This is where Jane comes in. Sue decided that it was just too much to have an ill infant, Mary and constant police contact going on in her home (where she cohabited with her boyfriend and five children from four different fathers whom she had divorced), so she dismissed Mary. Since Mary now had nowhere to live with her infant daughter and the women’s shelter was “full” of “victims” and their children, Jane came to the rescue. Jane was all too willing to open her home to Mary and her daughter – not because she wanted to truly help Mary and her infant, but for prideful and selfish reasons. She hid this very, very well, however, and Mary thought that it was truly a blessing that Jane opened her home.

Soon, however, Mary discovered that Jane was not who she said she was in any way. She boasted to her friends about the “homeless woman and child she took in off the street.” She told Mary story after story of how she “divorced her exes because she didn’t like them.” Her own relationship with her grown daughter was one of total dysfunction, manipulation and control on Jane’s part. Jane bad-mouthed men at every opportunity, even suggesting to Mary that Paul was “masturbating into the baby’s milk bottles” and “molesting the infant in the bathtub.” She bragged of her four or five divorces as though they were badges of honor, and told Mary that she should do everything in her power to ensure that she fought and obtained “full custody” of her infant daughter, because “no man can nurture a child.” She repeatedly told Mary that “God could and would give her daughter another father to replace her own” and other horrendous lies.

Meanwhile, Paul began to express interest in reconciliation culminating in covenant marriage, because he has been severely dealt with by the Holy Spirit concerning his behavior over the past three years and the consequences on his infant daughter. He approached Mary and implored that they begin spending time together, which they did, much to the horror of Jane. As God began to put the family back together, Paul proposed marriage to Mary and they attended Christian counseling sessions together, which infuriated Jane. She truly began to be exposed for who she was at this point, and Mary could hardly wait for her approaching wedding day so that she would no longer need to listen to Jane and the foolishness that she spoke.

As time passed, Mary’s child began to sleep better, eat better and do better emotionally at her father’s house rather than Jane’s. Mary did not discuss this with Jane, but rather with her fiancée, and they decided that instead of sharing 50/50 “custody” until the wedding date, they would place their infant daughter fully at her father’s home and Mary would come over every morning and leave every night after the child was asleep: all of this in the best interest of their child.

This inflamed Jane so much that she waited five days in silence, then demanded that Mary pack her things immediately and leave the same day. Mary was dumbfounded at Jane’s reaction: how could she be unhappy that the family was being restored and redeemed by God? Jane’s argument to Mary was: “Mary, you have given the MAN one hundred percent custody of your child! How could you do this? You cannot trust him! You must go and spend the night with your daughter! You are not even spending fifty percent of the time with your daughter! She should be in MY house, not her father’s house! I thought I was more important to your daughter than this! I let you move in here to get away from ‘that man’, not get back together with him!” Of course, none of this was true at any level, and Mary knew it.

Mary was so stunned that she refused to move out. She used Jane’s own reasons against her. Jane had boasted to everyone that because she was a Christian, she had opened her home to Mary because “God said to do so”. Well, Mary now said she would be moving out “when God told her to!” Jane chose to sneak into the house where she stole Mary’s key ring with what she believed was her own house key on it (which was someone else’s key), and then changed the locks and boxed up all of Mary’s things and the baby’s things while Mary was spending time with her daughter and her fiance that day.

Mary was distressed and shocked to learn that Jane would go to such extremes to prove her point as a feminist and man-hater, intent on actually destroying what God was trying to put together. However, since she had no choice, she retrieved her things from Jane’s home and she and her fiancée entered into covenant marriage the following day. They remain blessed and favored of the Lord and intact as a family under the leadership of the child’s own father to this day. In humility, Mary spoke to her husband about how easily she had been deceived by women who think so little of marriage and men.

Many thanks to God for the restoration of this precious family. Many warnings to those who do not understand how prevalent the Matriarchal Spirit is now, thanks in part to the choices of Caroline Norton and her ilk. The effects upon family are far-reaching to say the least, but then I am preaching to the choir!

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