More trouble in north London

Well it seems the ‘diverse communities’ of north London are at it again, this time in Enfield, a borough that borders Haringey, the borough that contains Tottenham.

It also seems from what I have seen, that Asians and whites have been the primary targets of this black violence, most of the small shops were Asian, most police and media are White, and it is those people who have been targeted, now tell me this ain’t racial!

This could be the start of something bigger, if the blacks of north London continue this criminality, then it could infect the blacks of Notting Hill, not far from me, or even the infamous blacks of Brixton.

We have the degraded Notting Hill Carnival in a few weeks, in the normal course of events this event is a slow motion riot, imagine the potential this year?

It is getting scary now!

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