Who is Donald Trump?

Is he the Saviour of the West? Or is he a con man? I’ve read both, I’ve researched both angles and have come to the opinion that it is does not matter!

What matters more is the symbolism of Trump, he represents defiance toward everything we hate, he is, as Micheal Moore said, a wrecking ball. He has already set the political scene afire with his ‘outrageous’ travel bans, his tweets, his wall and his disdain for the international political class, one of the most prominent being the European Union.

I love Trump, because he is so funny, he is as one YouTuber stated, the greatest troll the world has ever seen, and it has been glorious!

Even if he fails, even if he is killed, even if he goes globalist and betrays everything he promised, what he represents will not die, it will live on and become a hurricane of righteous vengeance against our enemies!

They are already defeated, it is only a matter of time!



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