Switzerland goes in the right direction

It seems that there are some in Europe who are sensible enough to resist the Islamisation of their homes!

‘GENEVA (AP) — Swiss nationalists are forcing a popular vote on whether to ban the construction of Muslim minarets — a proposal that, if approved, could clash with Switzerland’s constitutionally protected right to freedom of religion.’

I don’t know how what is basically a planning issue can be described as preventing ‘freedom of religion’, but in reality, when people originally talked and wrote of ‘freedom of religion’, what they meant was freedom to choose ones version of Christianity, Not the freedom to worship an Arabian devil, or some weird elephant with lots of arms, or some blue woman with six breasts!

‘This is not the first time the People’s Party has ignited a provocative campaign.

Recently it embarked on an anti-immigrant initiative, complete with posters showing a black sheep being kicked off a Swiss flag and dark hands grabbing at a pile of Swiss passports. But voters last month overwhelmingly rejected the party’s proposal to make it harder for foreigners to gain citizenship.’

I like the way the Volkspartie thinks, this is what Ireland needs!

‘More than 310,000 of Switzerland’s 7.5 million people are Muslims, according to the Federal Statistical Office.’

That’s even worse then us!

‘In Cologne, Germany, plans to expand the city’s Ditib Mosque and complete it with dome and two 177-foot-tall minarets have triggered an outcry from right-wing groups and the city’s Roman Catholic archbishop.’

I like the way the AP is subtly smearing the opponents of the new massive mosque by calling them ‘right wing’, a great way to dismiss what someone says without having to consider what they are saying!

‘Switzerland’s unique system of grass-roots democracy allows political hard-liners to take the issue further than in other European countries, where constitutional courts or governments have blocked moves against mosques and minarets. Any Swiss citizen who collects 100,000 signatures within 18 months can put an initiative to a nationwide vote.’

I must say, Switzerland is probably one of best republics in the world, certainly the most well run!

It seems that this issue is Europe wide, even worldwide, Muslims are causing trouble in Australia, Canada, those United States, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden, etc….


Why are our elites allowing this?

Why do they not stop it?

What is wrong with them??

Is this planned?

Is it something that our elites want us to suffer under?

It makes me angry to think about it!!


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