Osama’s death

So it is now a few weeks since the apparent demise of a one Osama Bin Laden in a squat/mansion in a garrison town in Pakistan.

And so far we have exactly no proof of this! It is true some video of the back of some guys head has been released but no photos of a captured or dead Osama have yet to he released! We were first told he was shooting at the Americans, then we were told he had a gun but was shot before he could fire it, then we were told there were no guns in the compound at all!

In the same way we were told that one of Osama’s sons was shot dead in the firefight, now we are told that he escaped and may be the heir to the dastardly Osama Bin Laden! It’s like some bad Hollywood movie.

There are so many odd parts to this story that truly defy belief, who could believe that the United States would drop the body of the most wanted man in the world into the ocean a few hours after they killed him? Who would believe that they had managed to carry out a DNA test so quickly when it usually takes days? Who can believe that Bin Laden kept files of his ‘Al Qaida’ mates in his hide out and details of terrorist attacks?

I don’t know the full story, well I don’t know if anyone can, Bin Laden was more of a myth then reality, even before 911.

Very few mention that he worked closely with American intelligence during the eighties or that he was funded by the west, almost no one asks any serious questions about the official government sponsored conspiracy theory of 911.

When was the last time someone outside the web asked how some Arab sitting in a cave could organise his guys to get past security on the World Trade Centre site and lace three buildings with explosives, how could that same Arab prevent the American air force from preventing four planes from being hijacked and three of those being flown into high profile buildings? How can that guy even with the twenty odd others involved do all of that from some cave?

Bin Laden may have been involved, but I can’t see how he could have led the attack on that day, something like that takes involvement from governments, most importantly from the American government!

We know Osama worked for the Americans in the eighties, we know the American government and it’s intelligence services are capable of great evil, it really can’t be too far a jump to imagine that they carried this out and used an old friend as their scapegoat!

I suppose the whole made up story of some James Bond type villain was getting old and so Obama has decided to end the tale with a happy ending! Kinda coincidentally the whole birth cert story has died off, well in the useless MSM!

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