Ron Paul

I remember Ron Paul from the last series of American elections, you remember that two year race? Wow, those Americans do everything big! Well, I remember Ron Paul, because he spoke words of truth one almost never hears from politicians, having done my research on him, he seemed quite amazing! He had never voted for a tax rise, had never voted for an increase in spending and had opposed every war that America has been involved in since he came to office.

What impressed me, was that he opposed war, not due to some anti-American leftism, but through a real respect for truth and human life, just as he opposes the barbarity of abortion!

Wow, how many politicians are as consistent and decent as Ron Paul? Almost none! None that I can think of over here, or in Ireland, politicians are usually slime-balls. Ron Paul is decent, moral, ideologically consistent, (although I may not agree with everything he believes, but at least he believes it) and I think most of all honest! He is honest with people, he states his opposition to a reckless foreign policy, he states, honestly his opposition to state control of drugs, food, airline security, the Patriot Act, the UN and other pan national organisations.

Ron Paul is certainly hated by the vile, disgusting MSM, they like more of the same, they like Obama for his black skin, they like Hilary Clinton for her bolshy feminism, they like Mitt Romney for his blandness and defeatability, they hate Ron Paul for his decency and the truth that he speaks. I do believe that Ron Paul, if elected, could be a harbinger of things to come. Do I think he can become the American president? Yes, I do. Do I think the powers that be would allow it? That is hard to know, they will oppose him all of the way, every dirty trick will be used, although, Ron Paul, being a decent, moral man, they have nothing on him to blackmail, so at the moment they ignore him, hoping he will go away.

Will they organise an untimely death? Quite possible. The idea of them allowing such a decent, standup man into the highest office in America, seems overblown, if Ron Paul does win a few states, I would not be surprised if he has a sudden heart attack or, if his plane crashes, or his car careers off the road. The powers that be will not let go of power. However, the powers that be are not all-wise, they are not all-knowing, they may decide to leave him have power, and hope to destroy him and his values for good. They may think that with an hostile congress and an hostile Federal Reserve, that they can tame him or ridicule him, perhaps they are right, but they could also be wrong.

Ron Paul is quite powerful now, they should have dealt with him years ago, but if they kill him, almost every Ron Paul supporter will know what has happened, if they play their dirty tricks, well, they may not work, as we see in Iowa, he almost won the straw poll. If he gets to power and they try to sabotage him, they may fail. So, Ron Paul may be our best hope of smashing the globalist conspiracy and their bankster buddies.

If you are American, please, do what you can to support Ron Paul, he is your last hope!



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