The never ending scourge of racism

It seems that no matter how much we do to appease the ethnic minorities it seems we can never get away from the constant drone of blatant anti-white propaganda! The never ending case of St Steven Lawrence is tiresome. A black teenager killed in the mid nineties in an ‘apparent’ unprovoked ‘racist’ attack! Well this teenager who is described by some in the MSM as the latter day Jesus Christ was actually a drug dealer, well known to local police for various nefarious activities, just because he went to school doesn’t mean he is incapable of wickedness, but one will never hear the above in the useless MSM. The media mob that has surrounded the apparent murderers seems to me over the top and it should, in a just society mean that these accused can’t have a fair trial, but then we are no longer a nation of laws, we are a nation of mob justice, led by those in the tabloids and encouraged by the very same people who hate us and would use this murder to eviscerate the police, bash the consciences of naive white people and to move the whole programme of ‘diversity’ as far as they can.

Considering he was a well known local drug dealer, is it not possible that another drug dealer killed him? Is it not possible that the reason the police could not get a conviction on these accused in the nineties is that there was little to no evidence, is it not possible that the revocation of ‘double jeopardy’ was done, specifically to get these two men? And if these are true, then this is not just an isolated case of the establishment using one death to push their evil agenda, it is a way for the establishment to use this to eradicate what little scraps of freedom we have left.

One last thing that is important, one of the witnesses, St Steven’s ‘best friend’ said, just after the murder he did not see the attack and could not help the police, conveniently, he has now remembered it all and I’m sure the non stop issuing of the pictures of the ‘accused’ in the papers will help him to point them out in court!

Another non-story is the Sepp Blatter saga, in response to some silly remark by a footballer to another footballer, Sepp rightly said that they should be grown ups and shake hands at the end of the match and let it go! Good for him, but apparently he has committed an act of heresy against the great new god of this age, non-discrimination. Saying to someone ‘you stupid nigger’ is apparently much worse then saying you ‘stupid ginger bastard’, or ‘you stupid fat bastard’,why?

Surely this is just about manners, it not an act of evil, it is not some great sin, it is two oiks playing football and communicating as only they can, Sepps suggestion is the most sensible advice I have heard, as opposed to the hysterical response from the MSM.

And so it seems that this one comment, this one sensible comment will end his career! Never mind the accusations of corruption, insider dealing, coverups and elicit financial gain, no that doesn’t matter anymore! As long as you are a corrupt slimeball, make sure you are committed to ‘diversity’!

Perhaps we need to tape the banksters telling nigger jokes?

And so, the anti-whites are having a great time of it this week, I’m sure the St Steven Lawrence saga will continue to be dragged from its grave and picked over by the pathetic MSM, one can only hope this bludgeoning of our people by the MSM propaganda turns them off all this guilt tripping.

4 thoughts on “The never ending scourge of racism

  1. The Daily Express friday Nov 18.


    by Cris Roycroft-Davis political commentator.

    (First sentence)

    “Short of murder there are few worse crimes you can commit against someone than insulting them over the colour of their skin”

    ( Speaking your mind was also a serious offence in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union)

    And he goes on.

    “Note that I use the word Briton rather than white man because it would be crass and irrelevant to draw distinctions based on skin colour”

    He asks.

    “Is Darren Bent ( Getentically a African of sub-Saharan descent ) any less British than Frank Lampard ( Genetically a Northern European of Anglo Saxon descent) or Rio Ferdinand ( A Caucasian / Negroid hybird ) less deserving of our patriotic pride than Gareth Barry ( A Northern European of Anglo Saxon descent) No, of course not. Only the tiny minority of morons who still sadly inhabit our football stadiums would take a different view ( Those who still believe their own eyes rather than the esteblishments version of reality ) and their opinions are worthless”

    I note Mr Roycroft felt compelled to answer his own question in case his readers had their own “worthless” answer.


  2. Hey, great blog!! I am in Dublin and posted a comment onto the “Lord racist Mayor of Naas” thread on BOARDS.IE , just links to StuffBlackPeopleDonTLike and , of course, the Irish Savant—–and was promptly BANNED , lol.

    I cannot believe this country bytimes……

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